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Creating a selling and effective design. Development of creative solutions for marketing product packaging taking modern trends, brand values, and the positioning features into account. Market and competitive environment analytics. Identifying and strengthening the brand. Presentation of the project in the form of a three-dimensional image of the product with a detailed text description of the concepts. Development of the basic design for all types of product packaging. Work on the assortment


Development of corporate identity of the brand, which increases the brand recognition and reflects the values and principle of the company. Competitive environment and industry trends analytics. Designing several corporate style concepts using the example of a logo, fonts, colour constants, patterns. Presentation of the project in the form of a corporate identity demonstration in a real environment: on carriers of various sizes and shapes, with a detailed textual description of the concepts and development possibilities of the elements.


Creating a complete guide to the use of corporate identity. Detailed description of each element and recommendations for effective work with the brand. Rules for the design new products, the choice of graphics and colour palette, information about illustrations and photo style, about acceptable and unacceptable logo transformations. Systematization of the design of all corporate identity carriers.


Creation of professional artistic author's illustrations in various techniques of painting and graphics, on paper and in digital. Work in a variety of styles. Development of branded emotional characters of the brand.

Image printing

Design of multi-page publications, diaries, calendars, catalogs, booklets, presentations, annual reports. Development of non-standard, creative and ergonomic solutions. Thorough verification of text and digital blocks. Attention to detail, recommendation for the implementation of the project.


Analysis of the existing design, identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, recommendations for the upgrade of packaging taking modern trends into account. Assistance in drawing up a route of actions for the development and strengthening of the brand. All the recommendation are implemented using current marketing technologies