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Tasks: rebranding of SAFETY toothpastes and mouthwashers, development of the RASSEY (РАССЕЯ) trademark, packaging design of GREEN DAY feminine hygiene products. First of all, I want to express my gratitude for the work done. I finally saw a lively design! This is very important to me. Indeed, many specialists work in a formalized manner and as a result, the final product has no soul. I have been working in my market for a long time and I see a lot of dead designs on the shelves… Thank you that your design has a soul and that you have a sense of beauty. Separately, I would like to note the delivery of layouts within the agreed period, prompt feedback and adjustments, attentiveness and absence of errors. I liked the individual approach, unconventional thinking and friendliness. We hope that these are not the last joint projects. We would like to continue our cooperation.

We have been cooperating for several years. I especially like the work with color! Bright cheerful ones are used! This is exactly what is needed for our projects. I also like a creative with humor approach to our tasks, which is very appropriate. I also like the met deadlines, quick adjustments made. Thank you for the fact that all the design options are bright and juicy and the colors are optimistic. That's just how you do it :))) And the characters are right, and the packaging is right. Thank you for the great work! Great pleasure to work with you 🙂 Once again, you have created such beauty for us! Thank you for your excellent work, for your patience, for a new fresh look at New Year's designs and for interesting ideas that I hope the market will appreciate and accept.

We ordered a project to develop a logo and corporate identity for an informal association of IT specialists: SmartClub. The main task of SmartClub is to create a community, an environment for the digital transformation of companies. The complexity of the task was the need to develop a solution that, while maintaining style recognition, could suit both the aesthetics of young IT professionals (be playful, dynamic, flexible) and a more conservative target audience - for example, IT industry officials. Thank you for the brilliant performance of the task. We have been offered three completely finished, suitable for the terms of reference options. It was valuable that each concept had a deep meaning, an idea, a philosophy. High awareness, a sense of harmony and style, informal, creative attitude to the task, clarity in meeting deadlines. Thank you for the great work!

PROFESSIONALISM and PROFESSIONALISM again. The proposed options were all worthy. The speed of response to comments was fast. The result was excellent. The design of pet food packaging has been developed.

We express our great GRATITUDE and say THANK YOU for the professional and creative approach to our order! Everything was done on time. There were some adjustments, but the final result satisfied and pleased us! Despite the time difference between our countries, I always quickly received letters with answers to my questions. You always promptly contacted me and provided the necessary information for us and for the printing house where the packaging was ordered. For your part, you have done everything possible and impossible for us! We were accompanied, prompted and explained all the subtleties of design skill, in which we turned out to be amateurs, since this was our first project of this level. And now our packages are displayed on the shelves of supermarkets and pet stores, attracting more and more new customers with their brightness and expressiveness. In the future, we will contact and advise you to everyone. Thank you for your skill and professionalism!

Thank you for the quality work done promptly. I hope we will continue to cooperate.

We worked on a project to draw the facade of the shopping center "Neglinnaya Gallery". What I liked: the work was done on time and efficiently, the edits from our side were minimal, adjustments were made promptly. We are very pleased with our cooperation! There are no complaints.

The group of companies "Good Food" applied for the design of NUTBERRY popcorn packaging. We chose the performer among many offers, but we stopped at MM33 and made no mistake! We have read reviews that you take a very responsible approach to work, meet deadlines up to the day and hour, and it turned out to be true. I confirm, tested on myself! We are not the easiest customer, there have been many changes and improvements, while the work has been brought to perfection: everything is clear and without unnecessary discussions. We recommend it!

One can immediately see that you have a lot of experience and an understanding of what the most capricious – "this is-all-not-that-I-don't-know-what-I-want" category of customers wants. There is a nose for trade-marketing desires that only the client knows and, due to the peculiarities of organizing their thoughts, is not able to convey verbally. Good packaging, working on logo sales. I recommend.

Task: development of the design concept of the range of household chemicals by Domingo Ecosystem. What we liked: a variety of options for conceptual solutions; logic, thoughtfulness; interest in the project; willingness to make changes; accuracy of execution on time.

A visualization of the logo and packaging design for the "Ready Meals" product line has been developed. Prompt, accurate work. Attentive attitude to the customer's vision and at the same time proposing their own conceptual solutions.

We ordered the label design. We applied on the recommendation of a colleague. We are satisfied with both the cooperation and the result. Saving the customer's time, quick response to letters, and most importantly, interest in the project. They do care result you get. This is a priority for us, so we will work again.

The project was fully completed with good quality, on time and within budget. I liked the professional approach, responsiveness, dedication, creativity and tact in everything. I will reach out to you in the future.

We ordered the design and illustrations for a guide to Bashkiria. We really liked the style of performance. It turned out to be creative, stylish, colorful, quick. You managed to fully convey our flavor and traditions. Thank you very much!

We worked on the project a long time ago, but I am writing a review only now. The project is big, a lot of things were changed by me along the way, the containers were changed too and it was important not to get confused in everything. But everything went well and even better than I expected))). Everything is done honestly, carefully and on time. We were suggested how to do better and, in the end, even more was done for us than we agreed. We can say that we were surrounded by care))) thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend everyone to cooperate!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for working on the projects — we ordered two ice cream design projects for the Avex-group (Авэкс-групп) company. Both concepts of the new ice cream were approved from the first time, all the proposed options were liked, they turned out very appetizing, we stopped at one of them. All designs were executed conscientiously and within the agreed time frame! We have got only positive impressions from our work. Thanks! The company's management is delighted. And we hope for further productive cooperation as well.

I express my personal gratitude for the work! Excellent work of the master, a good understanding of what the customer needs, there are NO violations in terms of work completion. A clear understanding of the customer, there were primary doubts, like any customer would have. But all doubts were dispelled when receiving the first options, questions: from the series "why is this done this way?", etc., no longer arose, communication is excellent. I will continue to work. I recommend everyone to contact this master!

They work like a Swiss watch here. I have nothing more to add)

Thank you very much for the excellent work on the packaging design of children's educational games. Very quickly, efficiently, stylishly. You immediately caught what we needed.

Excellent execution, everything is exactly on time.

If everything is difficult for you, you here direct road. The design was received on time, cool options without banality. All initial agreements have been observed. The performer is conscious, if you don't know something, they will help you. And thank you for an interesting offer on advertising at points of sale, we will implement it.

Thank you for the quick creative execution of my project and attentiveness. It's a pleasure to work with the pros. Everything is justified. High cost, but in return you get no worries, a competitive result of work, compliance with deadlines, many other significant bonuses: tips for launching a project, printing, etc. Wish you success and more new customers!

Our company ordered the creation of a series of chocolate candy packaging designs and is ready to positively evaluate the results and progress of cooperation. We recommend it.

Great job on packaging design for our confectionery "Love and sweets"! We will work further!

We ordered a label design for a line of sweet fizzy drinks. We are satisfied with the accuracy of fulfilling all obligations, the speed and number of improvements, the quality of work, responsiveness. Everything is perfect.

We have been working for several years, we recommend it. I like responsibility and idealism. The cost is generally acceptable, the quality of service provision is at the highest level (there is something to compare it with). They take everything seriously.

I am satisfied with the cooperation; I will contact you again. Advantages: sustained deadlines, a full-fledged competent presentation of the project with a detailed description of each option, strong design, productive communication, getting into the target audience. Decent education and level. I recommend.

I am very happy with the work! Everything is done efficiently and on time, I will definitely continue to work with you!

High professionalism, quality of execution, strict compliance with deadlines, creativity, understanding of industry trends and modern packaging technologies. Work has been carried out on the design of the logo, corporate identity, brandbook and packaging for farm products.

As for the timing – fire, we agreed on Friday evening, so there will be a layout on Friday evening. This is not the first time we have been cooperating. A booklet, a catalog, premium packaging and an exhibition stand have been developed for our tea company. I recommend it!

Thank you for the interesting work, everything is at the highest level, done on time. And in general, I liked the approach to cooperation. Politeness, responsibility, a fountain of ideas.

We got a professional packaging design. The work was carried out responsibly, clearly and on time, during which all the requirements and wishes of the customer were taken into account, even if they went beyond the previously set tasks. Therefore, the work turned out great.  We especially liked the ability to select color combinations. We hope for further cooperation.

Everything is wonderful! Our company ordered the development of layouts for advertisements in printed publications. Thank you for your responsibility and efficiency! The quality of the work satisfied us completely. After the layouts were approved and the originals were received, they were asked to make changes to the text and everything was done on the same day. Separately, we would like to note the friendliness and pleasant communication. All the necessary qualities, both professional and personal, pleasantly pleased us! I wish you creative success and more good customers! Thank you from me personally and from the company Stroy-Master LLC!!!! We hope for further cooperation!

Excellent and professional work on packaging design, on time and with high quality!) We were satisfied!

The most important thing is that people here hear and understand what the customer needs. And everything else is a matter of technique. We got the desired layout from the first time. Thank you for your work and we continue to cooperate.

The order for the design of the corporate identity and interior design of our flower salon is executed on time, professionally, with high artistic taste. Thank you.

The advantage here is that there are few words and a lot of things done; they brought beauty to our company. And my PERSONAL thanks!!!!!! for patience, endurance, advice and support of the project after the launch into production. With the best wishes.

The logo and packaging design project was completed efficiently and quickly. I agree with all of the above reviews, I will add on my own that I had experience working with another agency before and they could not or did not want to solve my problem. Here I got what I needed, and not what they tried to impose on me elsewhere. They understand the client here, thank you.

Thanks! I am very glad that we have worked with you. Everything is high-quality, creative and individual!

A professional. The work was done at the highest level. On time. They are constantly in touch, I feel calm in the process of cooperation, knowing that my designer will bring my project to the final and will not disappear anywhere. I am sure our cooperation will continue.

Thank you very much for your efficiency, creativity and really creative approach to solving the tasks. The soul is put into each work and the result exceeds all expectations. We were working on a project of packing sets of bed linen. It should be noted that all the work was completed even before the appointed time. We support all the feedback and wish you more new customers. With best wishes, Anna Ermalitskaya.

Thank you for the speed, creativity and quality of the order execution according to the packaging design. Products under the new trademark are already being sold and are winning over their customers. I hope that our new cooperation will be equally fruitful and mutually beneficial 🙂

We ordered the packaging design of canned food. We liked a clear approach to work, a clear and understandable presentation of the material. All the proposed options were completed quickly, we settled on an eco-style design. In addition to the design, we really liked the description of the concepts – a good turn of phrase, competent texts, an explanation of the strengths of each option and how they can be used in product promotion and advertising. So we count on your help in copywriting our website)). Thanks)

It is a great pleasure to work with you! The result exceeded all expectations! I strongly recommend everyone to cooperate!