If your product is of a low-price segment, this does not mean that the packaging design should be primitive and look deliberately cheap.

No buyer wants to be reminded of their low status in society.

Thoughtful design will show that the product is affordable, but at the same time it will not be a shame to put it in the basket.

As an option: you can save on materials, but the design itself should be done qualitatively. Frequent mistakes:
— unappetizing product photos
— overabundance of details
— non-compliance with the principles of composition and contrast
— flashy acidic or vice versa, dull nondescript colors
— outdated and fancy fonts

What should we do?
•Focus on the main thing
•Avoid visual chaos
•Report only the important

☝️work primarily with the emotions of the consumer.

☝️A win—win idea for a low-price segment – a positive design with a corporate pattern or an iconic character

The design should attract attention!