SUSTAINABILITY — the word that has been on everyone’s lips for several years now, especially in Europe. At EPDA online conferences, we regularly focus on this and discuss how to create smart design.

It’s about environmental stability. It is necessary to think about this immediately, at the initial stage of project creation, because 80% of the environmental impact of packaging is calculated at the earliest stages of design development. Packaging design, which is based only on a beautiful picture, has remained in the past: the need for a completely new creative thinking is stronger now than ever. It is not enough just to paint the packaging in natural colors, place large “ECO” icons and draw green leaves, as most manufacturers still do. It’s time to innovate and think bigger…

Many brands and entrepreneurs are not in the mood to follow this movement simply because they do not have the right tools or skills, or because they want to get lightning-fast results right now … bring the product to market, get a quick profit…

And what’s next?

Everyone makes their own choice.

But it’s sustainable development that stimulates innovations and improves quality of life.