“Attract children, the rest will catch up!” © Walt Disney

It is not uncommon that many adults of 30+ buy goods for children for themselves, such products as:

• fruit puree

• tear-free shampoo

• baby cream

• porridge for kids

• cottage cheese

• sweets with toys

and much more

As a result, the product falls into a mixed audience

Why is this happening? A product for children in the thinking of most consumers is:
— safe
— checked
— reliable
— high-quality
— useful

And also:
— joyful
— funny
— you can play (yes, yes!)

There is a special marketing term — “Kidalt” — the so-called “adult children”

☝️And by the way, this is an perfect target audience that marketers love very much — kidalt does not wait for discounts, they are driven by impulses and emotions, and we all know the simple truth: no emotions – no sales

☝️ And it is kidalt who in most cases will choose the product by packaging. Do you buy baby products for yourself?