The shelves of Russian supermarkets are a separate world and very often you can see an overabundance of information on the front of the package.

•Does such packaging fulfill its main task? No.

A lot of goods are purchased online, products in difficult-to-perceive designs lose out: they are simply not visible among competitors. They are incomprehensible.

• Any excesses complicate the task for the buyer, so it is more difficult to make a choice, and more time is spent on the purchase. And does the buyer want these worries?

• The task of the manufacturer is also becoming more complicated: if it is problematic for the buyer to sort out the information, he will easily switch to another product (most likely, to the products of your competitors).

❗this means only one thing: your packaging design does not work and does not sell anymore.

The result, I believe, is known to everyone. • There is also a solution: it’s time to change, simplify and adapt the design to new conditions.