Research shows that the majority of buyers in Russia are still traditionalists. What does it mean?

The traditionalist is conservative:

•WOW-design won’t work here 
•Anything outrageous – right past!

☝️ The choice will always be in favour of the most understandable, reliable and familiar product.

It is difficult to switch a traditionalist from a familiar brand to another: even a slight change in packaging will cause stress. Everything should be familiar.

The main value of a traditionalist is stability, and his motto is: it used to be better.

And what to appeal to in design?

☝️ To nostalgic memories of the past.

“The same taste”, “As before”, “Time—tested” – these are the advertising slogans for this target audience. What should we do?

Give the traditionalist what they want:

• familiar
•inspiring confidence

All visual codes on the packaging should be clear:

•Delicious photo of the product itself: a high-quality realistic image will be believed more than a drawing.
•The technological window is an advantage, but only if the product itself looks decent.
• Claims from the series “Everything according to GOST”, “Profitable!”, “Economical packaging”, etc.
• Is there a character from the past in the design? Great, it activates the necessary emotion.

Keep in mind, a traditionalist will not specifically look for a strong brand and will not go to the premium segment: it will not work here.

• But does this mean that packaging design for a traditionalist is boring and uninteresting to professional designers from the point of view of creativity?

•Not at all, because the main task in this case is not to create a competitive and festival project, but a working design FOR a specific consumer in order to eventually get a marketing result: what to do, sometimes, is even more difficult — serious and thorough work is required and you need to be able to do it!☝️

Do you consider yourself a traditionalist?